How do I become a member?


BSN invites everyone (Nepalese Citizens, Non-Resident Nepalese and Foreign Nationals) who are interested in biotechnology and its related disciplines and want to join the Society to help in the overall development of this field.

Membership Categories:

BSN Lifetime Member:

This category gives lifetime membership to the applicant. Lifetime members, after significant work and contribution, are eligible to stand as a candidate for any post of the executive board during elections held annually. Lifetime members are NOT executive members but the vice-versa is true. BSN lifetime members enjoy all the resources possessed by BSN.

Membership Fee: NRs. 3000 (For Nepalese Nationals); USD 250 (For Non-Residential Nepalese & Foreign Nationals)

BSN Annual Member:

BSN Annual Members are general members and can participate in all the programs organized by BSN (condition applied). This membership is valid for a period of 1 year and needs to be renewed annually. An annual member receives all the updates about BSN activities and enjoys discounts or free-ships in BSN programs. Annual members can upgrade themselves to lifetime members with a discounted fee after significant contribution to the Society.

Membership Fee: NRs. 300 (For Nepalese Nationals); USD 30 (For Non-Residential Nepalese & Foreign Nationals)

Renewal Fee: NRs. 100 (For Nepalese Nationals); USD 10 (For Non-Residential Nepalese & Foreign Nationals)

You can download the membership form at the following link.

You can deposit the membership fee in the following account:

Bank: Nepal Investment Bank

Account Name: Biotechnology Society of Nepal (BSN)

Acc No: 00201030252584

Swift Code: NIBLNPKT

Send it to with a voucher of the bank draft.