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Biotechnology Society of Nepal is an apolitical, non-government, non-profit organization motivated for the promotion of Biotechnology in Nepal and beyond. The establishment of society is an endeavor for the development of Biotechnology by promotion and dissemination of knowledge about this cutting-edge technology. Society will act as an active platform for the interchange of academic ideas about the research and theoretical perspective of biotechnology. The motive of the organization is to incorporate all national and cross-national academic institutions, research institutions, companies, and individuals sharing an interest in the development of biotechnology in Nepal and beyond.


Our Objectives

To initiate, promote and propagate the use of biotechnology by encouraging basic and applied research, and modulating the technological intervention for the benefit of society, and disseminating the results for sustainable development of the populace.
Promulgation of ideas
To garner, compile and disseminate the information, knowledge and ideas, for enhancement of applicability and sustainable implications of biotechnology in Nepal.
Social Awareness
To procure and manage fund and grants for conducting various events and programs motivated for development of academic and research arena of biotechnology in Nepal.
To explore and systematize for collaboration, cooperation and coordination between national and international scientific societies and academic institutions for research and academic exchange.
Common Platform
To provide common platform for integration of all stakeholders, i.e. students, researchers, scientists, faculties, academicians, entrepreneurs, policy makers, industrialists and others interest groups on applications of biotechnology for overall development of the country.
Focal Point
To act as a focal point for dissipating information about the current status of biotechnology in Nepal in respect to academia and industrial resource, and exploring about the potential and feasible technological interventions in context to Nepal.
Development Of Technologies
To discourse about the physical and biological resources prevalent in Nepal, and develop suitable technological adroitness for their extraction, modification and utilization.

Our Programs

The society will encourage entrepreneurs to establish biotech industries and will assist them to survive and flourish in national as well as in international market.
Research programs:
This society will be directly or indirectly involved in research works in the field of agriculture, environment and health sectors. Besides, it may also help students or researchers with suitable research proposal and work plans to encourage young scientists towards research.
Information sharing:
1.Awareness programs for general public, biology students and teachers, industrialists about the scope of biotechnology in Nepal.<br /> 2.Talk programs and seminars.<br /> 3.Newsletters publication for dissemination of international scenario, progression made by scientists from inside and outside the country.

Our Vision & Beliefs

In current scenario, science and technology has advanced enormously and biotechnology is also part and parcel of it. Human have expanded their understanding of biosphere by journeying in space, and exploring the bottom of ocean. Now, the implication of the versatile inputs from all these immediate surroundings and beyond, is doubtlessly attributed to biotechnology. Biotechnology is utilizing the science of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, information technology to develop products and services of great promise. Human has not only been able to manipulate organisms but also manipulate life and materials at the atomic level and modulate through bio-system engineering for benefit of human civilization.

Some breakthrough transitions manifested by biotechnological implications in near or distant future is inevitable, and we fear of missing the race if we forget to set off today.We believe, a plethora of works can and need to be done in the field of agricultural biotechnology, animal biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, industrial biotechnology and other allied fields of this cutting edge technological inventories. Even a dinty endeavor of garnering information from scattered researches within and outside the country, compiling them and disseminating them to general pubic, research workers, industrialists and related elite would help this technology to make a remarkable stride here.Our country is  furbished with the affluent bio-resources; but still we are lagging far behind in its utilization. So, if we step sensibly and duly, there is no doubt that we can confirm prosperity for entire human civilization manifested  by concerted but concrete effort, coordination, cooperation and partnership with national and  international communities.

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