Emerging Trends In Bioscience And Technology” (ETBT-2020)



School of Science, Sandip University, Nashik, Maharashtra (INDIA) & Biotechnology Society of Nepal, (NEPAL)  hosted an “International Conference on Emerging Trends in Bioscience and Technology” with the theme “Recent Issues and Challenges in Health, Environment and Society” to be held from June 1st – 3rd 2020. The sessions were enriched with expert talks from internationally recognized dignitaries. Each session was followed by an e-poster presentation from participants. We welcome Scientists, Academicians, Research Scholars, Industrial professionals, Technologists, and Delegates from all walks of Biological Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Healthcare, and Environmental sectors to be a part of this e-Conference. It was expected to be an energetic, engaging and informative three days scientific meet, designed to offer you the opportunity to connect with scientists across the world. The platform was anticipated to be the combination of Academia, Industry, and Researchers at a global level and a stage to share innovative scientific ideas with the eminent and young scientific minds.
Sandip University, Nashik and Biotechnology Society of Nepal, (NEPAL) with BSN  successfully conducted conference on “
Emerging Trends in Bioscience and Technology”