Strong Immunity? Still, Severe Covid-19 Persists


Even strong immunity cannot fight against Covid-19 infection as conditions such as lung failure are likely to be caused by an overreaction of the immune system.

Antibodies and T-lymphocytes are important factors to provide defense against pathogens. During the last few weeks, cell-killing Sars-coV-2 specific T-cells have been analyzed in patients infected with covid-19. The studies showed detection of such cells in recovered patients of covid-19 demonstrating their protective anti-viral effect. Furthermore, it has been seen that excessive immune response might be the reason behind severe covid-19 cases. However, the role of Sars-coV-2 specific T-cells in this excessive immune response is unclear.

The research team investigated the role of T-cells and antibodies in covid-19 patients during disease progression. Nina Babel, head of the study infers that “ We analyzed Sars-coV-2 specific T-cells and antibodies in relation to disease progression and viral clearance. We found that a strong T-cell and antibody response could be detected not only with mild covid-19 patients but also with patients who had recovered from it.” It was observed that critically ill patients who suffered from covid-19 related lung problems had similar or even stronger immunity to Sars-coV-2.

As reported by Dr. Utrik Stervbo, head of a laboratory at the Centre of Translational Medicine. “The total number of specific immune cells and their functionality was not better in the patients who survived than those who died from it.” Also, no difference was seen in the strength and functioning of the immune response between those who overcame this infection and those who still suffered from it.

This study brought a conclusion that exaggerated Sars-coV-2 specific T-cell response can cause immunopathogenesis leading to covid-19 related lung failure. But still, an in-depth study will be required to understand the specific mechanism of the development pattern of covid-19. “This hypothesis about weak immune response might not be the cause for severe covid-19 cases is supported by results of current studies on the successful application of immunosuppressive therapies in covid-19”, said Professor Timm, director of Medicine Clinic at Marien Hospital Henre.

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