Biotechnology Advocacy


BSN Movement

#Biotechnology Advocacy# Promotion of Master in Biotechnology studies in Nepal

The joint approach of BSN (Biotechnology Society of Nepal) and NIST Biotechnology Department

A warm welcome to all

The program is designed for those who completed their bachelor degree in Biotechnology, Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Chemistry, Food Technology, and related life science subject and are thinking of higher-level education

We will show the potential for a higher-level (Master in Biotechnology) in Nepal along with its scope and importance.

The program is free of cost. Anyone can join. But suitable for bachelor completed students

Following things will be covered

1. Entrance examination questions patterns, syllabus

2. Academic Institution for M Sc Biotechnology in Nepal

3. Scope and importance after master completion

4. Job placement, research, development, and opportunities

5. Many more

Venue: Hardik Hotel, Bagbazar, near to PK campus

Date: Thursday, 2nd Magh, 2076

TIme: 12:30-3pm


Biotechnology #applied life science #promotion #awareness #solidarity for the development of Biotechnology in Nepal #BSN

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