Two Days Workshop On Foundation For Leadership And Professional Communication

2017-09-28 Foundations of Leadership and Professional Communication, a two-day workshop organized by the Biotechnology Society of Nepal (BSN) has concluded on Saturday.

BSN, the organization working for the promotion of biotechnology in Nepal and abroad, organized the function with the aim of developing professional communication skills among scientific personnel.

Welcoming the event on the first day on September 22, BSN President Nabin Narayan Munankarmi said, “Realising the importance of leadership among scientific organizations and personnel, BSN has organized the workshop. I believe this program will provide guidance and be a foundation for developing professional communication and leadership skills among the scientific personnel.”

Karl Brown, entrepreneur and skills development advisor at the National Youth Federation Nepal, was the mentor of the workshop.

Transactional and transformational leadership among other topics were discussed theoretically and practically.

According to Brown, transactional leadership consists of setting clear guidelines for behavior, rewarding good performance and punishing poor performance, providing feedback, and playing a management role in assigning tasks to others.

Meanwhile, transformational leadership involves motivating and coaching employees to perform their best, sharing a vision for the organization in a convincing and charismatic manner, solving problems using an inventive approach, taking everyone’s needs and ideas into account when making decisions, he mentioned.

Sharing what he learned at the workshop, participant Rohan Bakhadhyo, said that leadership is about getting other people to support you towards a common goal, bringing out the best in the people around you, and helping people find greater meaning in the everyday tasks they perform.

There were altogether 28 participants including science researchers, lecturers, and students at the workshop organized at the Bhaktapur Multiple Campus in Bhaktapur.

The workshop concluded on September 23 by providing a token of love, a letter of appreciation, and a letter of participation to mentor, supporters, and participants respectively.

The workshop was held in association with Natural Heritage Nepal and supported by Dr. Koirala Research Institute for Biotechnology and Biodiversity.

By Hasana Lawaju

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