Researchers In TU(Tribhuvan University) Claim To Have Converted CO2 Into Energy


A team of researchers and students from the Central Department of Biotechnology, Tribhuwan University(TU), have claimed to have made a breakthrough by converting Carbon Dioxide(CO2) into an energy source. The team was led by a senior scientist, Dr. Pramod Aryal.

According to the team, the process is based on the Dark reaction of CO2 reduction. The present Dark reaction of CO2 reduction does not require energy from sunlight or any other light energy. The genetic engineering required for these liquid fuel making is already being done in different laboratories and if this dark reduction could yield organic carbon for fermentation then this can be an alternative to the use of sugar or cereals, lignocellulosic biomass, light energy harvesting which will allow the land required for sugar and cereals, lignocellulosic biomass could be either used for crop production or to capture carbon through plantations.  

Using this method, the fertile land can be used for the production of cereals for food and feed. The use of lignocellulose for biofuel is limited as large degradation is required due to the recalcitrant properties. The use of algae requires sunlight for the production of biofuel. This dark reaction method seems to be an ideal one for the production of energy by fermentation.

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