9th AGM Completed Successfully


BSN Successfully completed its 9th AGM on 29th Shrawan 2072 (13/Aug/2016) Saturday at Fucus Biotech Pvt. Ltd. office situated in Rabibhawan, KTM. During the event, the BSN executive team presented the progress report, audit report and future planning of the organization. BSN decided to renew its validity in different GoN authority bodies such as DAO, SWC, KMC, etc. Dr. Sunil Shrestha presented his vision for BSN future projects and collaboration. He was also felicitated with Honanary Membership by BSN. BSN team also expanded its executive team members on that day. Mr. Kapil Dev Khatiwoda, Ms. Ashmita Timalsina, Mr. Gyandra Ghimire, Ms. Samina Thapa were included in BSN extended executive team. BSN is planning to increase its no. and make the executive body with 14 members in total.

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