“Cancer Biology And Regenerative Medicine”. Copy

“Cancer Biology And Regenerative Medicine”.  Copy


Biotechnology Society of Nepal (BSN) is an apolitical, non-government, non-profit organization motivated for the promotion of Biotechnology in Nepal and beyond. The establishment of society is an endeavor for the development of Biotechnology by promotion and dissemination of knowledge about this cutting-edge technology. It is the one and only active registered society of  Nepal helping to create a source of competent biotechnologists with leadership and life science-related Human Resources (HR).
BSN has, therefore, decided a webinar series on the Scope and Importance of Biotechnology in the various fields for awareness and development of research. In order to aware, promote, and develop Biotechnology, we need to make people know about its scope and importance. Therefore, we are conducting a webinar series on the Scope and Importance of Biotechnology. This time we are planning for the Scope and importance of Biotechnology in the Medical sector.” Around one-third of deaths from cancer” according to WHO. Cancer research transforms and saves lives. Therefore, the board topic in this regard has been put forward as “Cancer Biology and Regenerative Medicine”
Program details
Date: 10th Oct 2020
Time: 6 PM (Nepal Standard)
Platform: Zoom
Program coordinator: Ms. Aishwarya Thapa, BSN Executive member

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