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a. What is this data base?
This is a database of Nepali scientists living in Nepal and abroad working on various arena of biological sciences. It is yours too so please be part of it. 

b. Why have we started it?

To get to know Nepali scientists working in hundreds of different areas of science ranging from basic science to life changing transnational research, to make Nepali scientists more approachable and discuss with them their aspirations in their work. 

c. Who can participate?

Anyone with an enthusiasm to share their scientific experiences with their fellow scientists aspiring to be one or looking for a collaboration. 

d. How would your information be used?

Your details submitted in the form will be displayed to BSN members (annual or life-time) with your consent. If you would like to be a part of the database and would not like the detail to be published, we would display your subject of research and we will only contact you if there is some interest from our members about the subject. That way we would select only genuine interests. 

e. Overall objectives 

It is to know you all, introduce your hard work to hundreds of enthusiastic students and scientists in Nepal and abroad. In a nutshell, promote Nepali scientific collaboration. 

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