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'Open Tree Of Life' Shows How 2.3 Million Earthlings Are Related, From Microbes To Mankind

 Researchers from multiple institutions have come together to publish Earth's most complete family tree to date, illustrating the evolutionary relationships between about 2.3 million named species of lifeforms over the course of roughly 3.5 billion years on the planet.  From insects to animals to microbes to humans, it's an extraordinary representation of known Earthlings, collected altogether on a single tree diagram. "This is the first real attempt to connect

Access to Journal Databases by BSN

It is to notify that BSN has recently obtained access to databases of various journals. This facility is provided by Central Library, Tribhuvan University for the year 2015. Following are the databases that can be accessed through BSN. 1. EBSCO. 2. Cambridge University Press Online Journals. 3. Emerald Management (120 ejournals). 4. NeLIC (nepal Library and Information Consortium) which includes JSTOR and Project MUSE journals. Please use this opportunity as widely as pos

RNA-Based Therapeutics and Vaccines

New Technologies Are Emerging to Overcome Challenges Associated with Toxicity and Drug Delivery Elina Gousseinov, Mikhail Kozlov, Claire Scanlan,Aaron Hammons,Ling Bei,Youssef Benchek,Karim Pirani,Priyabrata Pattnaik,Ruta Waghmare RNA-based biopharmaceuticals, which includes therapeutics and vaccines, is a relatively new class of treatment and prophylactic for a number of chronic and rare diseases, including cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, and certain cardiovascular con

Introducing: The Journal of Proposals, Ideas, Data, and More

There are so many scientific journals out there, it’s almost impossible for a newcomer to draw attention; but this one does. Research Ideas and Outcomes, or RIO is not just a new journal, it’s a new type of journal: it will not only publish articles, but also proposals, experimental designs, data and software. They’re open access and cover “research from all stages of the research cycle”, according to a press release they’

Phd fellowship in KU

Admission to PhD positions (full time) in President Chure Tarai-Madhesh Conservation Project isms | 19 July, 2015 20:54 Announcement for PhD positions Kathmandu University School of Sciences Admission to PhD positions (full time) in President Chure Tarai-Madhesh Conservation Project Total Number of Seats: 2   Project description: President Chure Tarai-Madhesh Conservation Development Committee Secretariat provides grant to Kathmandu Univer