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Marijuana risk during pregnancy

  Cannabis, Marijuana, is commonly used as drug by people of reproductive age. The rise in use of marijuana takes place and at the same time THC percentage in drug has increased. THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. The researchers have used a rat model and human placental cells to show maternal exposure to THC during pregnancy which has high effect on development of organs of fetus and in placental function. Researchers have exposed a low dose of THC mimics to th

A leading coronavirus vaccine trial is on hold

Scientists urge caution in global vaccine race as AstraZeneca reports ‘adverse event’ in a person who received the Oxford vaccine. Enrolment in global trials of a leading coronavirus-vaccine candidate are on hold after a ‘suspected adverse event’ in a person who received the vaccine in the United Kingdom. Scientists say that it’s too soon to say what impact this might have on the global push to develop a vaccine, but that the news highlights the importance of

Strong immunity? Still severe covid-19 persists

Even strong immunity cannot fight against Covid-19 infection as conditions such as lung failure are likely to be caused by an over reaction of immune system. Antibodies and T-lymphocytes are important factors to provide defense against pathogens. During last few weeks, cell-killing Sars-coV-2 specific T-cells have been analyzed in patients infected with covid-19. The studies showed detection of such cells in recovered patients of covid-19 demonstrating their protective anti-viral effect.

One shot of corona vaccine likely won't be enough.

Arrival of Corona virus vaccine on the market is just a half of the solution. Two doses per person is a complete solution and also birth of new problems .One of the problems is logistical.  Difficulties procuring test kits and protective gear throughout the pandemic point to supply chain issues that could also plague distributing double doses of vaccines for an entire country. Other potential concerns are more human. Convincing people to show up to get a vaccine not once, but twi

Genetic Evidence: Basis for Confirming SARS COVID-19 Reinfection

A man from Hong Kong--33 years old--infected with Covid19 in March and recovered in April was the first person to be tested positive for the second time in August with another variant of the new coronavirus. This evidence of infection was associated with genetic analysis; confirmed by the researcher of the University of Hong Kong through genetic sequencing, and suggests the virus causing the second infection was genetically different from the previous one. In the case of the first infection t