Recent Events

Biotechnology Advocacy

2020-01-13, BSN Movement #Biotechnology Advocacy# Promotion of Master in Biotehnology studies in Nepal The joint approach of BSN (Biotechnology Society of Nepal) and NIST Biotechnology Department Warm welcome for all The program is designed for those who completed their bachelor degree in Biotechnology, Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Chemistry, Food Technology, and related life science subject and are thinking for higher-level education We will show the potential for a higher-

An Interaction program on the occasion of the world Science Day for Peace and Development

2019-11-10, Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) in Association with Nepal-Russia Science Society(NRSS) is going to organise an interaction program on the occasion of the world Science Day for Peace and Development 2019. BSN is also the organizing partner of the event. The title of the program is "Open Science, Leaving no one Behind" .BSN request all interested individuals to participate in the program. Time: 12:00 Noon , Date : Tuesday, 12th November 2019 Venue : RCSC, Auditorium Hall

World DNA DAY - 2019

2019-03-20, World DNA Day is celebrated worldwide on the 25th of April to commemorate the discovery of double helix structure of DNA by Watson and Crick in 1953 and the successful completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. Discovery of a structure of DNA is regarded as a major milestone of modern biotechnology. We celebrate the day in Nepal in our own way to esteem these remarkable achievements made in the history of biological sciences since 2008. The objective of the program has been to discu